• Wayne Goulden

Floral Frog and Fleurametz working together!

Leading global flower supplier FleuraMetz and floral software provider Floral Frog have agreed an exciting new venture which they foresee will shape the digital age within the florist industry.

With their combined expertise, florists will have the oppurtunity to work smarter with a set of business tools that allows them to adapt to a challenging and changing industry by increasing productivity, reducing costs and remaining ahead of their competitors.

Floral Frog Director Kim Sheppard commented “Floral Frog has built a reputation for delivering simple and affordable Florist Management and POS software and the opportunity to work closely with FleuraMetz enables us to raise the level of service and offering to our customers”

FleuraMetz Head of UK&IRL Eddy Deighan added “ Within FleuraMetz, we continually look to provide florists with the necessary expertise and help they need to thrive in an increasingly difficult marketplace. Floral Frog’s software package is a must have tool which allows the florist to work more efficiently within their business, thus spending more time on the activities that allow them to be successful.’’


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